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T he Anthracite Heritage Museum provides guided tours for school children as well as adults.  Tours are conducted by Guides who will weave the story of life in the Anthracite region throughout the various exhibits on display.  Educators are encouraged to contact the Museum to arrange for school tours. 

To arrange a group or school tour, please contact Maureen Litvin at 570-963-4804 at the Museum between 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday or email:

Teachers & Group Leaders Tour Information
and Guided Tour Registration Form
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Several books are available for purchase by mail prior to a tour, for tour leaders to read as a background, to enhance the tour experience for their group. They can also be purchased by mail or at the Museum by tour participants.  These books include:  

PA Trail of History book.

·         For all group leaders is the newly published Anthracite Heritage Museum and Scranton Iron Furnaces, a 48-page book “Pennsylvania Trail Of History Guide”, with text by Harold Aurand.  The book focuses on the people, labor and culture of coal mining and related industries in northeastern Pennsylvania. The Museum displays objects and images of the everyday life of coal miners and their families, including exhibits of household furnishings, religious artifacts, and work implements and machinery. Nearby, the Scranton Iron Furnaces has four stone blast furnace stacks built between 1848 and 1857 for the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company, and commemorates an industry that relied on anthracite fuel and expanded as a result of it.  The book includes a tour of the Museum and the furnaces.

It is available for $10.60, tax included, plus shipping.

Anthracite People book.

·         For school group leaders, the Museum has the Anthracite People Curriculum Guide. This guide is a multi-thematic unit containing activities which represent each area of the multiple intelligences theory of Dr. Howard Gardner, of Harvard University.  The activities are appropriate for classroom use for pre Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  The Guide includes suggestions for pre-visit, on-site and post-visit activities.  It is intended to orient students prior to visiting the Museum and to reinforce concepts presented by tour guides and exhibits.

It is available for $10.00, tax included, plus shipping.

PA Anthracite Heritage Musuem Activity Book.

·         For children in the third to fifth grade, approximately ages seven to ten years, the Museum has available the Pennsylvania Anthracite Museum Activity Book, containing twenty-three pages of activities. Completing the activities in this book will enhance the child’s experience of the Museum’s exhibit, “The Anthracite People”.

It is available for $2.50, tax included, plus shipping.  A discount is available for a group book purchase.

Any questions, please call the Museum Store at (570) 963-4804 or 
email at

To print an order form for any of these publications, please click here.



The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum and 
Iron Furnaces, administered by Chester Kulesa, Site Administrator,
 are two of three sites that make up the Anthracite Museum Complex, 
which also includes 
Eckley Miner's Village.

The Museum and Iron Furnaces are owned and operated by the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Historical and Museum 
Commission, Harrisburg, PA.

Tom Corbett, Governor
Andrew E. Masich, Chairman
James M. Vaughan, Executive Director

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