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  The Anthracite Heritage Museum is located in McDade Park in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Museum tells the story of the people who came from Europe to work in the anthracite mining and textiles industries. 
On a tour of the facility visitors will experience the lives of proud people who endured harsh working conditions yet carved out communities filled with tradition.   The diverse collection highlights life in the mines, mills and factories.  Visitors are welcomed into the familyís homes and neighborhoods with a  moment of reflection in the kitchen, a visit to the pub, or a seat in a local Church.
   The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museumís diverse regional collections represent all facets of work, life and values of the regionís ethnic communities.

The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum and 
Iron Furnaces, administered by Chester Kulesa, Site Administrator,
 are two of three sites that make up the Anthracite Museum Complex, 
which also includes 
Eckley Miner's Village.

The Museum and Iron Furnaces are owned and operated by the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Historical and Museum 
Commission, Harrisburg, PA.

Tom Wolf, Governor
Andrew E. Masich, Chairman
James M. Vaughan, Executive Director

This is a  picture of the city of Scranton's former Official Flag, 
when it was the "Anthracite Capital of the World".
The building in the flag is known as a coal breaker

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